As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been working on a little project called Ski & Bike Magazine ever since I decided to walk away from Ski Presse as their Editor-in-Chief a several years ago.

JF on the cover of Ski Presse | Photo Courtesy of Ski Presse

Easy to say that you’re going to create something from scratch, easy to dream up a concept such as a ski and bike magazine with lofty goals and great ideas but it’s an entirely different thing to actually pull it off with no resources, almost no money and very little free time… Armed with nothing more than a few unpublished articles from my good friends Nicholas, Jay, and Paul and bolstered by ski test videos and a vision for a digital mag chock-full of compelling articles, strong opinions, irreverent humor, inclusive content, and great photography, I went on this lofty quest to find the right partners and collaborators who shared my dream but who also had time to help make this dream a reality.

The Fearsome Threesome: JF, Aimée and Gareth

And then came Aimée and Gareth. The timing was perfect and all the dominoes fell into place. Together we built this shell of a website that we then populated and furnished. Together -the three of us- put our collective backs into it and finally launched our magazine quietly in Mid-November and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Well, to be honest, we probably COULD be more proud. See, the three of us are kinda perfectionists… so it’s very likely that the website will never quite be up to our lofty standards and aspirations. But we’re happy with the result nonetheless. Since the launch the team has evolved and changed (as do all organisations) and while we’ve added and subtracted team-members, the collect dream lives-on… and so does the Magazine.

Just a few of our contributors: Francis, Jack, Gareth, Nick, JF, Aimée, Paul, Jay and Martin

Our list of contributors is lengthy and growing. We have the before-mentioned Nick Hirst (of Winnipeg Free Press, Fargo and Handmaids Tale fame, Jay Carter of The Guide’s Hut and Lange/Dynastar repdom, Paul Giddings from Owl’s Head and Lost Ski Areas, Michael Aronson from the past, Martin Richard from the Great White North, Jack Fowler from Cultivate Stoke, Francis Lariviere from way out in the backcountry and a slew of incoming content from our good friends Amanda Timm, Bernard Brault, Simon Rivard, Christina Hedrei, J-F Des Lauriers, JL Robichaud, Mark Richardson, Chris Marchand, Ronald Snell, and others… we’re so very excited! 

But we need your help… and I have a few favors to ask:

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  4. And finally, please let us know when we’re doing good as well as when we can do better. We would really appreciate it.

These two sports mean so much to me. they’ve made me who I am and they have brought so much to my life and to those who have chosen to be part of this endeavor. I think I speak for all of us when I thank you for dropping by and when I say that we hope you like what you read, that you like what you see. Our goal is to entertain you. Our goal is to educate you. Our goal is to engage you but mostly our goal is to inspire you.

Dreams do come true when you have good friends and good people to help you make those dreams come true. I’m a very lucky guy.