When my friends asked me if I wanted to test skis, I was on a high, because of the many newly constructed skis I never imagined I would get to experience. You always hear about others talking about their skis, but it is hard to relate if you haven’t skied on them. I am expecting to just ski and perhaps talk about the experience at the end of the day with my guys. 

As much as I consider myself having a technical background in skiing and equipment, I think my goal is to try to convey across to a reader or viewer, the excitement and smile producing effect a ski has, given the application of the ski and conditions on the hill. 

Here we are, JF, Dave and I out on our first day of ski testing. I am on a pair of 106 Volkl Blaze skis. After we depart from our first chair ride up, the guys take off down a Black Diamond I haven’t skied on in years at Mach 1. So I need to keep up at a reckless speed, chewing up some hard pack, some loose top snow, some unexpected moguls and then a run out carving some fast GS turns heading back towards the chair. 

I really experienced a rush from the quality of that ski that truly handled everything I threw at it and it responded in kind, saying to me “no worries bro, I got your back”. 

Next run I loose the guys, because they are just flying down the runs and happen to catch them next ride up. As I am rounding a corner, I see the boys talking in front of the camera and I slam on my edges to a quick stop. Trying to catch my breadth, JF says to me, “Okay, Mike take off your skis and come here to talk about them.”

“What?” I say. Ok, here we go…

JF does the intro for the ski video and says” Okay, Mike GO”!  It was spontaneous and organic as I relayed my emotions about the experience of those skis ripping down the mountain. It was simple and was filled with passion. I loved that  experience. So there was my first ski video, clean and to the point. 
What followed this experience were many, many days throughout the next 2 months skiing and testing so many ski brands. Did I get tired? Heck no. Bring me some more skis guys! 

I am one lucky guy. Thank you JF and Dave.

I am really proud of the finished product that we created on that fateful day. Check out the video and see if you can catch JF’s cheeky nod to me trying to keep up.