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Ski & Bike Magazine was borne of a desire by a ragtag band of misfits and ski-industry gurus to have a place to voice our ideas, to promote our love of skiing and biking.

In a world of failing print publications and finicky social media platforms, the logical outlet was to park our silly articles here. Our goal is to be at the same time respectful of this industry that we love and at the same time strive to be irreverent, inclusive, and relevant.

We sure hope that you don’t take us too seriously… as we sure don’t.

An important message about where we stand in regards to diversity

Let’s call a spade a spade: Skiing is a sport dominated by white people and even more so by white men. Biking is not much better. What unites all of us involved in producing Ski & Bike Magazine is our love of either or both sports. Because of our deep love for both sports, we are dedicated to educating, initiating, and bringing as many people to our playgrounds as possible. 

In the United States, more than a quarter of the people enjoying outdoor sports are from Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour Communities. We would like to see more of you out on the slopes and on bikes. In skiing, your numbers have been increasing, but much too slowly… and there is really no reason your numbers shouldn’t be as great as your representation in the Canadian community. Internationally, skiing shows no racial or ethnic boundaries. There are ski hills almost everywhere there is snow and biking can be enjoyed everywhere. Come and enjoy the mountains, the open roads, and the dirt trails with us!

We invite you to like ski and bike on social media, to engage with us, to write to us, and to write for us. It is so important that this magazine includes you and it is even more important that the sports that we enjoy also include you!

Justice, Diversity, Equity and at all costs: Inclusion

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